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Q. Can I make copies of a CCQ Novel Study Assessment Workbook for my students?

A. Every one of our CCQ Novel Assessment Workbooks may be photocopied for single classroom use only. This means you can make as many copies as you need for the classroom(s) you teach, or if you are a parent/educator, for the children in your household.

Copyright infringement is illegal, and it is a form of theft that makes our work unsustainable. If you are a School Administrator or Lead Teacher and would like to disseminate a CCQ Novel Assessment Workbook(s) to numerous teachers, simply purchase additional packets or Contact Us for a Purchase Order which includes additional discounts on larger orders.

In addition, please be aware that 50% of our net profits go to the charity, Scholarship America. When you support our hard work, you are also supporting future college students of America.


Q. Why should I purchase a CCQ Novel Study Assessment Workbook?

A. CCQ Novel Study Assessment Workbooks are the most rigorous ELA assessments on the market and are proven to improve student literacy skills. They are also an excellent value for any school district to help their staff in developing their students' critical reading and higher order thinking skills. We continue to gather student data from educators who used our CCQ Novel Study Assessment Workbooks and the results are REMARKABLE!!

General Education and Special Education students increase their reading levels by an average of 4 to 5 levels in one school year. Also, General Education and Special Education students increase their standardized test scores by an average of 20 points in one school year. The student data that we are gathering is simply astonishing!!

(These student results were gathered from educators who used multiple CCQ Novel Assessment Workbooks during one school year.)

Q. What will I receive when I purchase a Novel Study Assessment Workbook from Common Core Questions?

A. Each Novel Assessment Workbook aligns the Common Core State Standards to popular young adult novels and contains the following components:

  • 1 Alignment Page - this includes a matrix that shows how we divided each book into Planning Sections and the Reading and Writing Common Core State Standards that were engaged in each section.
  • 4 or 5 Planning Sections - each section contains 5 Selected-Response and 2 Evidence-Based Constructed-Response questions
  • Answer Key / CCQ Holistic Scoring Rubric

Q. Who is Common Core Questions?

A. Common Core Questions ("CCQ") is run by a team of professional educators who have teaching / administrative licenses and have experience teaching Grades 3 - 12 in US public schools. We work in the classroom every day and have successfully implemented CCQ Novel Assessment Workbooks with thousands of students.

Q. How do I know that CCQ Novel Study Assessment Workbooks are aligned with the CCSS?

A. Our team had spent years analyzing, researching, creating teaching resources for educational State Standards for many states in the U.S. We have also spent countless hours analyzed the Common Core State Standards to extract or unpack the essential reading and writing skills that are defined within our Align Page within each CCQ Workbook.

Through extensive research and classroom field-testing, our questions are proven to engage all of the Reading Literature (RL) and selected Writing (W) CCSS to prepare students for college and career readiness.

Q. How are CCQ Novel Study Assessment Workbooks different from other aligned question packets on the market?

A. CCQ Novel Assessment Workbooks are the highest quality ELA assessments on the market. Our assessments provide educators with accurate student data to guide their future instruction.

CCQ Novel Assessment Workbooks are designed by a team of professional educators that spend countless hours on each Novel Assessment Workbook to ensure validity and reliability. Aligning ELA questions to engage specific student outcomes requires extensive research. Each question is designed to develop and improve the essential reading and writing skills found within each Common Core State Standard to prepare our students for college and career.

Our CCQ team has years of experience aligning questions, but we are always researching new techniques to engage different standards as well as gathering feedback from our customers. When you purchase a CCQ Novel Assessment Workbook, your students will improve their higher-order thinking skills which will develop them into critical readers and effective writers.

Q. How can I most effectively use CCQ Novel Study Assessment Workbooks with my student(s)?

A. Our CCQ Workbooks are designed to be Classroom-Ready which means they are Teacher and Student Friendly.  However, to maximize student results, we recommend that you purchase our CCQ Teaching Strategies and Scoring Guide: How to Get Maximum Student Results.

Q. Some of my students complain that the CCQ Novel Study Assessment Workbooks are too difficult. What should I do?

A. We know from first-hand experience that some students can feel overwhelmed when first attempting to answer CCQ Novel Assessment Workbooks. Many students do not have the experience or practice needed to effectively answer text-dependent reading questions and evidence-based writing prompts. However, if educators and parents use these types of questions, students will be prepared for middle school, high school, and beyond.

During our research and development, we have continuously learned that educators are very special people. Educators understand the importance of using our questions, and they will use our CCQ Workbooks and teach students in ways that we have not yet discovered.

We wish you and your students all the best,
Common Core Questions