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Our sole purpose is to provide teachers, educational administrators, tutors, and parents with rigorous, classroom-ready novel study assessment workbooks that "Get Results."  

CCQ Novel Study Assessment Workbooks are proven to develop the essential higher-order thinking skills needed to read critically & write cohesive, evidence-based constructed responses / essays. 

To be prepared for the academic rigor of high school and beyond, All Students (General Education and Special Education) must continually practice proven, text-dependent questions that engage / develop the essential, relevant higher-order skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. 

CCQ Novel Study Assessment Workbooks exist to provide educators and students with these types of questions.

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William D. Visotsky, CEO


Purchase Orders 

Please visit our Contact Us page to send us a purchase order from your school district.

After receiving your request, we will send you a W-9 Form.  We have completed countless purchase orders with schools districts within the United States and other countries.  We look forward to hear from you soon.

*For purchase orders under $100.00, there is Processing and Handling charge of $8.99.

Important Note:  We do provide spiral hard copies of our CCQ Novel Study Assessment Workbooks for an additional fee of $4.95 for each workbook plus shipping costs. (Please See Below.)